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From Everything.Sucks (formerly CBS and SportsLine USA) is an American sports news website operated by the CBS Interactive division of CBS Entertainment Group, itself a division of ViacomCBS. It is the website for CBS's CBS Sports division, featuring news, video, and fantasy sports games.


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Senior Community Manager (Former Employee) says

"In the 23+ years of working experience, working for CBSi was the worst working experience I've had due to the toxic environment that has been created by upper management and preserved by HR. Cons: Toxic environment, low salaries, unethical and unmoral situations, and no positive culture."

Sales Planner (Former Employee) says

"CBS Interactive is your modern day sweat shop. You are completely micromanaged from day one. Cons: Extreme sexism (favoritism towards attractive female employees), 10 PTO days, No company direction"

Lead Generation (Former Employee) says

"It is a not nice place to work at all. Too many calls, no time to rest, too many people in a tiny place, phones are too old, it is really too loud, many managers are unfriendly."

Video Editor/Producer (Former Employee) says

"If you are young and want to freelance for $20/hour with no benefits and gain some valuable entry-level experience, this is the place for you. Cons: Not a hint of leadership to be found, zero growth opportunities, awful pay"

Entertainment/News Digital Planner (Former Employee) says

"The Digital Sales Planner role required long working hours, stressful campaigns, and collaboration across multiple teams, including sales. The pay rate is disturbingly low for the amount of work and stress. Being apart of this company for a little over a year, the director of our department announced that our role (NY, LA, and SF offices) was being eliminated and we had less than a month to find an alternate position. For the amount of work my entire department dedicated to this role, the respect we received once we were eliminated is absolutely astounding and disgraceful. A lot of great people left this company due to this."

Digital Sales Planner (Former Employee) says

"with good vibes but the job is working in excel and taking screenshots of ad campaigns until you cant feel your fingers. screenshots and power point - so archaic, and i dont think the industry has a better solution yet. Cons: a lot of drinking"

Research Analyst, CBS Digital Media (Former Employee) says

"Despite talented people, if you don't like being yelled at or spoken to in a condescending manner because of pressure from above, you'll have a hard time fitting in."

Inside Sales (Former Employee) says

"Typical day at work is to get on the chair and start cold calling for warm leads in the IT services market. Made a few friends but this is definitely a temporary work for me."

Account Director (Former Employee) says

"Premier online content network"

Senior Technical Solution Lead (Former Employee) says

"good Work culture. good working environment. Better pay structure. Good learning environment. Good work life balance. Good sick Leave policy and good"

Troubleshooting & Retention Tech. (Current Employee) says

"• Responsible for understanding the customer’s technical needs; developing, defining and implementing short and long term Technical Service strategies to achieve company and customer needs."

PRODUCER (Current Employee) says

"Great co-workers although high turnover rate due to people getting burnt out. Overall goals of the company looking to the future but need more staff to maintain the level of product they demand."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Worst part of this job was "Thirsty Thursdays" where everyone drank beer and was super obnoxious in a professional setting> I do not recommend working here if you are looking for a career."

Senior UI Designer (Former Employee) says

"Nearly the entire department was made up of contract freelancers working underneath a team of execs who had been there for many, many decades, some of whom had no idea how to operate a smart phone, let alone design for one. Cons: Stale, lifeless environment, outdated, corporate-feeling work."

Marketing Consultant (Current Employee) says

"If you need flexible work life this is the place, if you are looking to gain some skills this is the place. If you bare looking for flexibility this is the place"

Art Director/Designer (Former Employee) says

"A great place to work if you have no dreams or goals of your own. If you have the ability to check out and just do what is front of you, you can be very successful. But in interactive, the competition dictates being able to innovate, and CBS viewers don't follow suit."

Producer (Former Employee) says

"Could be a great company, not great management, leaders are green. No opportunity or support to advance your career. Nothing horrible but nothing special. Cons: No opportunity or support to advance your career"

News Writer (Former Employee) says

"While the company paid well, especially for digital media, they still put the least-qualified person imaginable in a management role. As a result, they have an entire media “outlet” with no voice, vision, or long term strategy. In its place are garbage-grade content, factual inaccuracies, and plagiarism. Cons: Idiots given management roles"

United Kingdom Inside Sales Danish (Former Employee) says

"You come in, start you computer, any question, raise your hand and wait till the supervisor come to you. Cons: No"

Outbound IT Support Specialist (Current Employee) says

"A nice place to work but no advancement in the company, a lot of favoritism. No Health, dental or vision insurance offered. No way of becoming a full time employee unless your liked very very well, only 3 employees are full time. They will let you go after 2 years and must reapply with a temp agency."

Jeff Brown says

"These guys are terrible."

Vicki Borrero says

"I guess I'm the latest victim, I wish I would have read these reviews before subscribing. I've used their service and have had no luck. Mike McClure "their expert" , has given terrible picks from PGA to NBA to NFL.... I don't know how he does his analysis, but it's almost like he purposely gives bogus picks to maybe give himself an edge on different picks for himself."

Joel Morley says

"I bought a subription last year and didn't use it at all, it was an impulse buy and I wasn't impressed at all with shortsline. I totally forgot that I had bought the sportsline subscription, as I hadn't used the subscription at all and apparently my subscription was renewed automatically. I called as soon as I noticed the money ($100.00) removed from my account. Apparently there is no POSSIBLE way that they could refund me the money, even though I didn't use the subscription at ALL last year, and don't plan to use the subscription at all this year. I understand from a legal stand point I "agreed to the terms" and one of the terms was no refunds, but this is very upsetting. I wouldn't recommend Sportsline to anyone, unless you enjoy being taken advantage of."

Ron Parish says


Andrew Durkee says

"The advice given was subpar and often wrong but what takes the cake is the customer service department. Its impossible to cancel your membership without calling them and intentionally make it difficult to cancel. Stay far away from this company"

Gayland Rogers says

"So thee weeks after I subscribed all CBB and NBA games shutdown due to corona virus therefore SportsLine data for those sports unavailable. Not their fault, but the content I paid to use was no longer available. Customer service says go pound sand and refuses a refund. Had to get credit card company involved and did receive credit in a few days. Terrible attitude and beyond unprofessional."

Anonymou s says

"Only positive thing about them is if you take there A+ ratings and bet the opposite you will crush it. Not worth the BS though. Signed up years ago. Cancelled along time ago then sent countless emails requesting to be removed from there list. Finally gave up and just added there address to my scam inbox. Accidentally click on my scam inbox the other day....... 2 years later they are still blowing up that inbox even after multiple responses stating I had been removed from the list."

Robert Hay says

"These guys suck.... I'm like 75% on my picks last 2 months...I dont make a lot......these guys are like 15% on there last 20 A rated picks...they have cost me a lot.... I am done with them.....I mean on like the last 8 or so A rated picks maybe they won 1"

Tyler Giver says

"I've lost a ton of money using these guys lineups. They literally give you a lineup that's nearly guaranteed to finish you in dead last. Please avoid!!!!"

Matt Little says

"You are better off flipping a coin. No joke! I put very little down on over 50 bets, because I was sceptical of how they gather their statistics. I lost all bets I placed but one! They all had a Grade B rating or above. If you ask me... this is a scam for people who want to bet on something they know nothing about. If you need to put money on something to make it interesting, no kidding, just flip a coin."

Austin says

"Avoid at all costs. Quite possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Apple, Netflix, etc...pretty much any company running a service will immediately cancel and refund the bogus charge if you contact them in a reasonable manner. The same month I get charged, I contacted them. Horrible, horrible customer service. Cancelled the sub, they charged anyway, won't refund, now I have to go through my credit card company to have it reversed. Unnecessary hassle for a silly scam job."

Jason B says

"Their picks are subpar, and their user interface is really outdated. When they get you to subscribe, they put you on auto resub, and then don't offer any automated way to unsub. I sat on the phone for 30 mins, finally got through to someone and asked to unsubscribe. they said that I was, and then billed me next quarter anyway. When I wrote an email to complain they said that they could cancel my account but would not refund me the most recent "payment". What a crock."

Johnny says

"Content is weak but worse is that when you try to cancel the phone service asks you to purchase trips and products and if you say no it cuts you off and you cannot re-call again from the same number. It’s a scam"

Mike M says

"Garbage picks. They cherry-pick the stats they show (to make it look like they are actually successful) but it's all smoke and mirrors. Do yourself a favor and avoid them like the plague. They also have horrible customer service."

PK says

"Had it for 3 weeks and used for football picks and daily fantasy A lot of people have gotten college football wrong but Sportsline hit at around 13% of their picks. Not sure how they get the percentages to back up their staff recommendations but they were REALLY BAD. They tout their fansasy guys as "experts" but I serious challenge how any bank grew off their picks. Maybe I caught them at a bad time? Who knows I give up. I don't have the balls to go against all their picks.... But I do have to say that the call to cancel was quick and smooth."

Chad Jenkins says

"Using the advice of their "experts" I have currently lost 16 games in a row, which is nearly impossible. Could not be any worse. Beware! I've lost over $1700 in the last 2 weeks. Your better off flipping a coin."

T says

"Not one of there lineups have come through in FanDuel or DraftKings I’ve lost more money going with there expert picks and mikes picks are a joke also, straight up nfl team picks-terrible, SAVE YOUR MONEY monthly and make your bets by flipping a coin or your favorite team color and you’ll do better than going with there EXPERT PICKS, you can bet this is my last month EVER with sportsline"

Brian says

"Abysmal refund policy to have in 2019. For anyone considering a membership, note the line in the user agreement stating your only recourse as a result of dissatisfaction or issues with the service is cancelling your account, and NO REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED."

Phil Wozniak says

"Mike McClure a one guy every sport guru...come on with that recklessness! So you're telling me one guy can juggle researching- college basketballs ncaa tourney, NBA, NHL, PGA golf, Nascar, and I think even horse racing all at once while being accurate?! Not sure why I used a question mark when the answer is so apparent. They get 2 stars, only bc their daily fantasy values tool was helpful for guidance. ★★000" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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